Hi, hello and welcome!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I happened to find way too many coloured walls to snap infront of! (Thank you, Paddington)

In this blog post I am wearing two different outfits. The first outfit includes shoes from Toyshop, skirt by Staple The Label from David Jones, top from Missguided and another top over it from Supre! I have become obsessed with layering lately, it adds a little bit extra to every outfit and you can still wear your favourite camis in the midst of Winter!

The second outfit includes my brand new skirt from American Apparel, top from Nude Lucy and shoes from Rubi Shoes! I have been eyeing up this skirt for about 3 months now, so I finally took the plunge and purchased it, you really cannot go wrong with a white skirt, I have worn it basically all weekend and its so easy to throw everything on with it! 

Sneakers are my thing at the moment as well, I've been living in them. They add that little bit extra cool to every outfit, I also feel like they're wildly accepted to be worn mainly everywhere now. I have a lot of sneakers on my wishlist, it seems that every brand came out with a great pair of sneakers at once! I'll start up a sneaker coin jar to get my hands on them all. 

Apart from coloured walls, a tennis skirt & sneakers being apart of my weekend, I also listened to good music all weekend. Here is the soundtrack to my weekend: 

Brightest Light - Montis Remix // FDVM, Josh Wantie, Montis

Someone That Loves You // HONNE, Izzy Bizu

Papercuts (feat. Vera Blue) // Illy

Dahnce To The Beat // Hot As Sun

Metaphysical - Kilter Remix // Autograf

You can follow the rest of my Spotify playlist here:

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead,

Tash x


Hi, hello and welcome!

Another weekend off work means another blog post. The weekend was absolute bliss, it was spent at the Isabella Blow: A Fashionable Life! exhibition at the Arts and Sciences museum. It was absolutely incredible and I would recommend to everyone to check it out before its too late! This was closely followed by Pokemon Hunting and happy hour at Darling Harbour.  

Enough about my weekend, in this blog post I am sporting an outfit that I have never felt more like myself in. The colours, the cuts and the comfort. This sweater and pants are from Once it. Both of them are the brand Salasai, their prints have always had my heart and to find them for a complete bargain on Once It is a dream come true for me.

I can't be the only one who is a sucker for a good designer sale, scooping up my last pennies after all the bills are paid and just wanting a cute outfit for the weekend. The best part is that the designer sales on Once It are constantly changing & there is most likely always something for everyone, I have to avoid it sometimes as the homeware sales get me like no other (I do NOT need another pillow for my bed, there is already 10. Self control is not a thing in this house!)

Hope you all love the photos & don't forget to add me on Snapchat to keep up with my weekly adventures: tashiskwl 

Lots of love,

Tash xoxo

Check out once it here:


Hi, hello and welcome!

Happy Monday!

I am always on the hunt down for brands that truly feel what I'm all about. Everything down to the print, the colours and the cuts. I am the type of gal who wants to throw a dress on, some statement shoes and leave the house. Except I won't just throw any dress on, it needs to be a statement in itself.. It doesn't sound hard to find, but when you want it to be somewhat causal for a day out shopping or brunch, its easy to leave the house in sequins looking like you are going to a ball.

Not to worry though, Harvest Lane has got me covered. The best thing about this is that, if you fall in love with the shape of the dress. You can wear it in 4 other different prints, its basically a dream. I've always truly believed it something works on you and looks fabulous, buy it in 10 different colours. Its so hard to find a dress/top/any sort of clothing that works for you perfectly. 

In the photos above I am wearing the Iceberg Aspen Dress, of course my initial choice was the pink dress.. I couldn't go past it. I am also obsessed with every other print in this style dress. I threw it on twice on the weekend, with some boots and with some sneakers and bam. It was a grocery shopping dress, a shopping dress and a lunch with friends dress. 

You can check the other colours & all the different styles out here:

Have a great week!

Love always,

Tash xoxo


HI HELLO AND WELCOME..   Its been a wee while! I found some inspiration in a pink dress (as usual). In this blog post I am wearing Jericho Road Clothing, Arizona Dress! I am oh so very fond of anything with cutesy prints, its harder to find these things than you think. I'll spend my whole life hunting down fun prints. For now, Jericho Road Clothing has fit this criteria perfectly and I spent my weekend frolicking in this pink dress.  I finally got a new camera but in the midst of getting a camera my laptop AND phone broke in one week, I'm still feeling a little salty about. Don't be fooled, I don't have a new laptop, I'm typing this on the boys laptop. Its good, but its not mine, you know? Hopefully I'll get my hands on my own one soon and can get into routine of getting blog posts done for you guys, rather than leaving you months on end.  If you are head over heels for prints like myself and want a Arizona Dress for yourself, use the code 'tash20' for $20 from Have a fab fashion week to everyone attending!   Love always, Tash xoxo  



Its been a wee while! I found some inspiration in a pink dress (as usual).

In this blog post I am wearing Jericho Road Clothing, Arizona Dress! I am oh so very fond of anything with cutesy prints, its harder to find these things than you think. I'll spend my whole life hunting down fun prints. For now, Jericho Road Clothing has fit this criteria perfectly and I spent my weekend frolicking in this pink dress. 

I finally got a new camera but in the midst of getting a camera my laptop AND phone broke in one week, I'm still feeling a little salty about. Don't be fooled, I don't have a new laptop, I'm typing this on the boys laptop. Its good, but its not mine, you know? Hopefully I'll get my hands on my own one soon and can get into routine of getting blog posts done for you guys, rather than leaving you months on end. 

If you are head over heels for prints like myself and want a Arizona Dress for yourself, use the code 'tash20' for $20 from

Have a fab fashion week to everyone attending!


Love always,

Tash xoxo




Hi, hello and welcome!

This weeks blog post features not only my cool new octopus friend BUT a fabulous, fresh New Zealand brand called Arc & Bow!

Arc and Bow provides with basics that can be worn everyday but they are complete with fun prints and cuts that scream feminine and personal style!

In this post I am wearing the Traffic Blouse, there is always a need for some good tees in your wardrobe and with a blouse like this, you can easily jazz up any outfit or plain pair of jeans or pants. It adds a bit of colour and fun. 

Here's some other pieces I'm obsessed with from Arc & Bow:

I hope you love this post!


Love always,


Tash xoxo


Hi, hello and welcome!

It's been a wee while since I attended the Marks and Spencer's launch but since I didn't snap any photos that would do this event justice, I thought I would do a post on the pieces I purchased on the new Marks and Spencer's Australia site!

As I entered the Marks and Spencer house, I was blown away. It was beyond beautiful, the furniture, the decor, the flow of champagne and yummy food. At this point I was wishing I had brought my camera - my iPhone was not going to capture this in the way I wished it would.

Pictured above is my own celebration of the Marks and Spencers Australia website, with balloons and a smile on my face. 

Here is what I am wearing above:

Metallic Effect Pleated Skirt - As I was scrolling through the Marks and Spencers website, I came across this skirt and immediately fell in love. It may be the fact that anything metallic makes me happy, or that the pleats were exactly what I was looking for. The quality of this skirt for the price is beyond what I ever expected. I can't wait to pair it with a turtleneck knit in Winter and some boots.

Limited Edition Ruffle Blouse - Once I had purchased the skirt I knew I had to have the perfect top to go with it. Pink immediately came to my mind. I saw this blouse and knew they would look perfect together - can we talk about the sleeves for one moment?! The ruffle sleeves are perfect, dressing this up and down on a everyday basis is too easy. I feel like during Winter, I'm going to live in this blouse. Again, I am beyond thrilled with the quality for how much it was, so affordable for beautiful quality.

Limited Edition Faux Leather Spectacles Shopper Bag -  Lets be honest, I never needed a new bag but if you know me, you would know this bag is right up my alley. I love anything with eyes, anything that looks a little strange, also anything PINK. It's safe to say its going to be my new child and I'm going to take it everywhere. It fits everything that a girl could ever need in it. (I am a excessive packer, in everyday life and travel life). Thank you Marks and Spencers Australia for making my bag dreams come true.

So, as a Marks and Spencer rookie, I am beyond thrilled with my purchases and I can't wait to buy more, especially with free delivery with purchases over $50 and only taking 7-9 business days. YES, PLEASE.

Thank you Marks and Spencer for bringing some quality online shopping to Australia.

Love always,

Tash xoxo





If you haven't noticed already... I've got a rad dress.

On Wednesday I attended the Supre denim destination event, as I walked in the door I was greeted with oversized denim jackets, slim jeans that come in all sorts of colours and friendly faces.

The most exciting part of this event (apart from the donuts) was definitely what I have captured above... patches, patches for days. I was beyond thrilled when I was told we get to patch our own piece of denim, I have always wanted to do this but find it hard to source cute patches. Supre had it all. Glitter hearts, letters and gold stars. As everyone lunged quickly for the oversized denim jackets, my heart lunged for this denim dress. Winter was on my mind and I thought of how cute I could make this look with patches. I thought of my trusty denim jacket in my cupboard at home and decided that when the time was right - I can eventually patch that too. 

Supre has really stepped its game up with denim this season and I'm excited. Over the years the quality and brand has grown and as a blogger, they are a company who is beyond pleasant to work with so I'm pretty happy to share the denim destination with you all and share my favourite pieces.

Here's some of my favourite picks. 

Ultra destroyed jean

Winter brings out my ultimate ripped jeans. I am a fan. I love the dad jokes that come along with ripped jeans as well. "Did you fall over in your jeans?" "Did you want me to fix your jeans?". Also the looks people give you while you are rocking these over the top ripped jeans, is great. In Winter, these paired with a collared blouse with a knit over the top and some chunky boots.... Yes. Yes. Yes.

Emma utility playsuit -

This playsuit is perfect for those days you literally just want to throw on something and run out the door but still want to look good. Its casual, cool and speaks "yeah I just ran out the house and still look stylish, how about you?"... Seriously, though. 

Distressed Denim Jacket -  

Am I the only one who finds it super hard to find a oversized, cool denim jacket that doesn't cost my life? The only places I've found that sell these are vintage stores but they're still way out of my price range. Explore Supre on Instagram ( ) and see the likes of bloggers Shelby Hamilton and Kate Nutting from Pretty Dresses in the Laundry wearing this jacket - it's beyond cool and if you don't own a denim jacket for Winter, grab it. 

Button Down Skater Pocket Skirt -  

This skirt is one of my personal favourites, I wear mine far too often and I am not ashamed to admit so. Everyone needs a white mini skirt in their life... It goes with everything.  I feel so strongly about white skirts that I strongly suggest you go get your hands on one, now. Throw it on in Winter with black boots and a cropped knit and bam, you look badass.

So there you have it, a denim freenzy for you to go crazy over. Tell your friends. Tell your mum. Tell your siblings. The cold weather is coming and double denim is going to rock your world.

Love always,

Tash xx




When I think of Women, I think of strong, independent people who have come so far in history but we still have so far to go.

"International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity." (

"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights," (

My blog post today is in celebration of myself and all the women around me who have influenced me, taught me and grown me in to the women I am today. A celebration of all the #girlbosses I have read about and that have inspired me to be my own #girlboss one day.

In this post is a celebration of who I am as a women, a strong, independent, colourful and bright gal. We are all so different and thats what makes us who we are, if that isn't something to celebrate, then I don't know what is!

Here's to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

Love always,

Tash xoxo





Hi, hello & welcome!

The blog post today consists of lots of colour, fun and my beautiful best friend! In light of her twenty first birthday today I think its only fair to make her the star of the show on my blog. When you constantly have people take photos of you for blog posts and Instagram pictures you forget how much you enjoy snapping cute photos of your friends. 

My first post for 2016 reflects how I expect 2016 to be - colourful, crazy and full of good times.

I was going to write down all my New Years resolutions down and tell you why I am doing them but then I realised I totally don't have any and I just need to drink more water. (We all do, right?)

My aim for 2016 is to go with the flow, find more hobbies that bring out my creative side & go on more adventures with my favourite people. They aren't must do's but if they happen, I would be pretty happy!

What are your New Years resolutions? If any? Leave a comment if you have one!

Wearing in this post:

Tash: Rubi Shoes sunglasses, Finders Keepers dress!

Myself: Gorman dress, Mimco hat, Rubi Shoes sunnies!

Happy New Year friends, I hope its your best yet.

Instagram: @tashbonniface and you can follow Tash at @tishytime


Hi, hello & welcome!

This weeks blog post I am sportin' a casual Sunday look.

I am wearing a Lulu & Rose dress, Topshop socks and shoes and a Mimco bag.

I hope everyone had a beyond fantastic Christmas! This will be my last blog post for 2015. It's been a beyond crazy year. Moving to a different country, learning new things, a new job, new friends, new experiences, new EVERYTHING.

I am so excited for what 2016 has to bring and all the new oppurtunities it has around the corner! My wardrobe on a blog will be back in the new year with more glitter, more pink & more fun times. I would say my new years resolutions but I believe I gave up on them years ago.. If you have any though, feel free to share them ;-)

I hope everyone has a fantastic new years eve and new years day! Lets make this year the best one yet.

See you in the New Year!

Love always,




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Hi, hello & welcome!

Today's blog post is just some pretty pink photos because I L O V E D my outfit on Monday! Tishy and myself found this beautiful jacket at the same store as my last post (Tommy's project in Chatswood Interchange, opposite the post shop!) I cannot urge you enough if you can go to this store, go! There's usually only one of each thing and theres so many cute finds, this being the best find yet!

I am also wearing my new Gorman sunglasses, Zimmerman skirt & Public Desire shoes :-)


Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do and I hope you all have a great week & weekend ahead... you deserve it.

Love always,


Tash xoxo


Hi, hello and welcome!

A blog post full of content, colour and pure love. I had a wonderful weekend off with my best friend and yesterday we ventured in to Surry Hills in hunt for some good places to snap some pictures, we succeeded too!

The outfit (outfits) I am wearing in this post have all been purchased over the weekend (some may call me naughty, I would call it enthusiastic about fashion) the gold top and colourful skirt are both from a store I found and fell in love with called Tommy's Project, located in Chatswood at the interchange, if you are ever there.. check it out! its opposite the post office. The white skirt is from Sports Girl which I also purchased over the weekend, its part of their limited collection and I LOVE it. My new shoes which I also purchased yesterday were actually a total find at Trade Secret (whaaat?!) the brand is Pure Hype. My clutch is Hurricane Manor and my glasses are Le Specs. Jewellery is Lovisa :-)

The rest of my weekend consisted of a night at The Old Clare Hotel.. absolutely beautiful place! A night at a karaoke bar, a morning swim, a lazy day at home, a few trips to the city and some calamari at Assembly Bar! It seems like my weekend off has flown by but I'm ready to tackle the week of work and think of more fun things to do on my next weekend off!

I also uploaded a YouTube video this week, you can check it out here:

If you have any super fun/cool ideas of things to do and see in Sydney please leave me a comment! I've done all the typical things, I need more places to explore though! 

Also, if you have any blog posts you'd like to see on my lifestyle or food pages, let me know! I want to know what you want to read about.

Have a fantastic week everyone, 

Love always,

Tash xoxo


Hi, hello and welcome… It's been a wee while.

I wish I had some sort of excuse to give you or a really formal apology as to why I abandoned my blog for a good month but I definitely do not have one. My excuse is that I've been living and having way too much fun, that I've just been using my Instagram as a blog for the past month. I am a naughty girl.

I have been having a beyond incredible time in Sydney, the opportunities are endless and life is good. 

My boyfriend Stevo is finally here to visit for a week after a long 2 months without him (If you haven't checked out my long distance relationship post, check it out under lifestyle!) so I decided he could take some fun snaps of me for the blog and I could update you all on life. 

It's been about 2 and a half months since I moved to Sydney and it's been beyond amazing - I've been sharing a room with my best friend, exploring every alley way and tourist spot there is in Sydney and working to pay to do everything I want to do. I've been working with some super cool companies and have some very special things coming to each section of my blog and I've got a list of cafes I need to visit too.

I feel so lucky, so blessed & so grateful for all the opportunities I've had in the small time I've been here.

So, here goes. In this post I am wearing a top from Zara, skirt from Missguided, shoes from Rubi Shoes, bag from Oroton and glasses from Rubi Shoes.

I hope you like the photos and I promise I wont leave this too long next time - the other pages will be updated shortly too. Forgive me!

Love always,





Hi, Hello and welcome!

This weeks blog post is my very first fashion blog on my new website! I hope you love it.

Monday was my day off this week and I made a trip to check out H&M in Macquarie. It was worth the wee trip and I ended up purchasing the jacket in the blog post picture above, it was such a bargain too!

The one thing I love about living in Sydney is the endless alleyways, corners and streets with something new to find every single time, days off are never a bore. It's also never hard to find a funky place to shoot some outfit posts, especially a little bit of pink. 

In this post I am wearing a jacket from H&M, a dress from Glassons, tee from Gorman, shoes from Miss Shop in Myer, ring from Gorman, glasses from Miu Miu, bag from Mimco and last but not least, bobble on my bag from Sports Girl! 

I am heading to Melbourne on Saturday and I am so excited to get some snaps for the extra sections on my blog for you all! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them and I will love you forever (Yes, you can comment on my blogs now! Woo!)

Have a fantastic week.3b8bb8ba830d90c2b336d8fd76b89cb08109c8613c00ea6c86



Love always,

Tash xoxo


H E L L O S Y D N E Y!

A few snaps of my first days in Sydney!

I am wearing Glassons tank, Cotton On trench coat, Alice Mccall skirt, Brixton hat, Mr W & Me shoes, Mimco bag :–)

It has been an amazing first week in Sydney! I knew I would love it but I LOVE it. Love is probably an understatement, theres so much to do and see! 

We have finally found a place to live & its a dream, a cute dream. I’m sure you will see it in further posts - so excited to share my journey in Sydney with you all.

Love always,